Sunday, March 9, 2008

Do not fight your addiction

I was away for a few days and it feels so good to know that many of you actually suffer so much without me. Your addiction is so strong and there is nothing you can do about it. Let me advice you: do not fight our addiction; instead accept your new life and a new role I have for you. Your new role is to be my puppet,spoil me whenever you can and this will bring you a lot of pleasure. After all thats why you are here - to please - and only then you can please yourself.This is the only way, you can be fully satisfied only after making me happy. And as some of you already know this is not easy. So work hard for me slave!This is your destiny.

Even while I was away some of you had a change to meet me and send your lindens,some of you just send tributes even when I was offline and I am really proud of you. You just proved to yourself, not just to me, but to yourself that you are a good slave and that is the most important thing for you. During the lastweek I received almost L$30 000 from all my slaves. I will not write down each name with tribute at this moment because there are too many of them and today I feelvery lazy lol.

However, I think it is time to announce my new project. For the last couple of months Financial Domination is growing rapidly. It is so nice to see so manyserious slaves and new dommes. I want to push this thing forward. This is notgoing to be only my project, but I hope it will change the Financial Dominationin Second Life forever and will affect all dommes and slaves.

I want to buy my an island and make it the first island for money dommes and slaves.That's why it is important to join together, all dommes and slaves in SL andcreate our own heaven in here. Let's make it clear, it's not going to be anotherfemdom island with stupid rules and roleplayers. Our island will be open to anybody, from people who love heavy bdsm play to just sweet princess who loved tobe spoiled. For the first time this will be an island where slaves will be allowedto have their own business too, have land, stores etc. We will not discriminate anybody, after all all money saves make are going to dommes anyway ROFL. This island will not be a place just for one domme (me), but for any money domme or spoiled princess. This is going to be a place to realize our dream of true Financial Domination in SL. Of course we will need input from all dommes and slaves. Let's have a discussion first. Visit my forums on and let's talk how you can help and what would you like to see on the island.

I placed a donation box in my Temple at Platinum Escort Club. If you are seriousabout this project, donate regularly. Please note that this is not a tribute to me, this is a special fund for the first island for Money Dommes. The names of donators will be kept confidential and organized on the special list with amount donated. Afterthe purchase of the island, people who made donation will have a right to decide about the island future. You can be a domme or a slave to donate, let's make our dream come true!

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