Sunday, March 23, 2008

>> Ban Christa Knoller <<

Attention slaves, Mistresses, Club owners, SIM owners, Business People!

There is a serious thief & scammer in Second Life: CHRISTA KNOLLER. The best thing you can do at this moment is mute and ban this person from your land. I have received number of complains from slaves, mistresses, escorts, SIM owners, customers and guests of my club and other clubs. This is a serious issue. I submitted enough evidence to Linden Lab which involve her criminal behavior. Let's hope her account will be banned soon. I will keep you informed.


Anonymous said...

yup.. she is...
one of her alts is melina nichols, if someone knows more alts of her, please write them down here.

Anonymous said...

hmmm Christa Knoller also is:

Karenina Flanagan

Her newest alt is Candice Kleinfeld

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am Karenina Flanagan and thats not true :

"hmmm Christa Knoller also is: Karenina Flanagan"

I once helped her creating the blog.