Thursday, March 27, 2008

Goddess is stronger than ever! L$61 250 taken from weak slaves

There is no doubt who is the best in Second Life!
L$61 250 just within few days. This is work of a few loyal slaves, however some new onces were able to meet my high demands. Let's start with spankme:
this total paypig is currently being transformed into pay robot. He already purchased necessary equipment like robo parts and even characteristic sounds. This is going to be a lot of fun taking him to shopping trip and just use like ATM! hahaha
Yesterday, spankme was beggin like a little dog to take him shopping. Too bad I didn't have a enough of time to train him how to behave like real pay robot, however he paid for all my outfits and shoes, I bought two pairs of shoes and don't even remember how many outfts but for sure he paid for all of them :) and spent at least L$3000 *giggles

I am also proud of spankme because he is only of 3 real money slaves here who seriously take care of my bills. I said many times you ugly bitch boys to go to my Temple and adopt my bills! Now it's all over! because spankme adopted almost all of the bills! hahahahahahaha this addict really loves when I hurt his wallet. The total he spent on bills in only two days is L$ 12500

The other sluts who take care of my bills are Zirg (rent only), he paid $L3750 today, and Zan.

Island Fund: spankme just donated L$5000 , Something tells me I will be walking on my own island sooner than I thought!

Jonas is back! Yes! If you don't remember him, you should find some older posters... slaves like him always come back, it's just the matter of when.. sooner or later... usually sooner hahaha
his new tribute is: $L1000 and $L2000

There will be a new sissy in town! Dakka requested feminization session... he paid L$5000 for my time but unfortunately left before real fun began! haha but in this case there have been some technical problems so he's gonna get a second chance and we will finish the session very soon.

sauran is a totally new when it comes to serving a Goddess like me, he's body is a total mess , just noob avie nothing else, not even good sissy clothes. I guess a lot of time must be invested in this one! lol.... so far he paid L$1500 while kneeling in front of me.. thats a good start.

slave jon finally paid L$10 000! Wow it took him a lot of time to keep his promise! OMG. Of course for addict like him, it wasn't enough and after shot conversation with me, he decided to spent another L$10 000 ROFL! after that , he got really excited and send $L6000 hahaha.. there we go! L$26 000 from addicted idiot! I guess I'm talking to you again faggot! But next time keep your promise!

remember the guy with name paypig? ehh... he got extra heavy avie now HAHAHA, anyway idiot lost L$2500 again! He is the fattest person I ever seen in SL! WOW. I will get some pics of him soon.

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