Saturday, March 15, 2008

L$26 000 taken from spankme, L$4750 from the rest! what a day

Yes! This is happening! Another large amount taken from spankme... Study carefully my transaction history below. This money was basically taken from this pig without any problem, he is so addicted at this point so he sends his hard earned lindens directly to me I don't even have to remind him. At that's how you recognize a good pay pig. Just look how I drain this loser. There is nothing he can do about it. He's completely under my spell. I officially announce spankme the best pay pig of the week. He is drained regularly every single day, he is slowly drifting toward complete obedience, his body, soul and mind will be owned by me completely very soon. I will turn him into a pay robot, nothing will stop me. hahaha.
L$26000 in one evening.. take a look below:
Another money slave is knocking to heaven's door (or hell?) marcus wanted to go to bed with L$0 on his account, and since yesterday's tribute he didn't do anything else just begging me to destroy his loser life. hey bitch, you got it! $L3550 ended up on my account. marcus was so happy that he had to cum into his girly panties lol ...and promised to get more lindens for next time. haha he's my new bitch :P

slave jon must be really broke, all I got was L$1200. hahaha he is thinking about selling his land because he's not able to afford me as much as he would want to! another real estate agent after chris LOL

you want that, don't ya?
(my fav pic)

* * *
Ok, this is something special. This is the most stupid freak in SecondLife. Just click the pics bellow to enlarge and read what this idiot said. I can't belive it lol. First he wanted to serve me...ok... and then he didnt even had credit card to buy lindens! Wow... I sent L$24 and realized that this is all he got! LOL! He got his money from camping spots or whatever ROFL! I just closed my eyes, I had enough! haha... now I'm exposing this wanna be slave so everybody can IM and abuse him hahhahahaa

now he wants me to find him a job! WOW! What a moron!

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