Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another L$20 000 !!! This time from spankme!

Wow! I am the most happy Mistress this week! Everyday I get super big tributes! Today spankme sent L$20 000 and I wasn't even online! haha! This is great! There is nothing better than checking my linden account and see this:

But, this is the money spankme tributed to my Island Fund! So right now I have over L$32000, that's not bad since I announced on Monday about my Island Fund! HaHa! It looks I will walk on my own island sooner than I thought! spankme adopted another bill! Yes! lol this time 'clothes' for $L1000/week. He paid $L2000 in total which makes his tribute today: L$22000! Sooooooo nice! At this moment there are only two bills left, so the rest of you should move your asses to my Temple!
slave jon sent L$2000 - I'm not talking to you until you send more! You want to be considered as my slave then at least adopt my bill loser!
Some complete noob had a chance to meet me in person and I took his $L3000. This money suppose to be for his skin. rofl... but after meeting with real Goddess I guess he changed his mind. I'm gonna ask him to make a pic of his ugly noob avie so I can post it here for fun along with his name hehe. It's time to expose some of you here, if you stop paying.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you...are one strange.... odd looking...lil person.
go use all that cash on something a real life
or better looks, cause you look like a freaking slutty newblet.