Tuesday, April 1, 2008

L$11500 from 3 slaves

Zan - L$4500

Zan paid his bills. I am proud of this slave, because of time zone difference I can barely see him online, but still he serves well and keeps his promise to spoil his Mistress!

sleort - L$6000

Sleort was suppose not cum without my permission for a week. Guess how much time is required for a horny slave like sleort to come back on his knees and beg for permission to cum? Less than 24 hours! OMG! I raped his ass with my extra large dildo, he deserved it addtionally he paid his cum tax. he ended up covered in his own cum in rl haha.. what a bitchboy!

neil - L$1000

Funny story about a slave who wanted to be polite!! haha.. I crashed during my visit to OWK. I decided to come back directly to my club and didn't even notice additional L$1000 on my account. Only while browsing transaction history and taking snapshots for my blog I noticed this weird transaction:
hmm.. sent at OWK, I had no idea who was that and why... Earlier today I finally got an answer to that mysterious tribute.. Just after my crash slave neil sent L$500 and after two minutes another L$500 LOL... he didnt send any IM either ROFL and because of my crash I noticed this tribute after 24 hours :O

talk to the hand! LOL

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