Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blow your mind away: L$61640 from you bitches! haha

It looks like we are during drinking week, Zandy is another intoxicated boy and lost today $L32940 , at the end he wasn't able to even type correctly. I got his real life contact info etc. so everything WILL be used against him thats for sure :).
L$1000,L$250,L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$2000, L$750,L$2,000. L$4,000, L$1,600, L$4,340,L$4,000, L$10,000

drinking and watching me dance is a good idea when you are willing to loose a lot of cash:).

take a look at the nice L$10 000 below
Zirg didn't drink at all (but this addicted pay pig does not need to LOL - he always spends fast:)
L$250,L$650,L$250,L$500,L$500, L$1000,L$500, L$1,250,L$2,500, L$4,500

so need of giving is increasing in time when you look at the numbers lol...
the total of $L11900 was taked from this sissy.

Zirg and Zandy had a privillage to kiss my butt and enjoy excellent face-sitting. :)

So as you can see, it was worth it:) especially when you look at the pic below:

There are some of the snapshots:

stanford paid my bill again! Very good girl. I heard she likes to drink as well.. she promised to always drink while talking with me. what a good girl!
she is my another rl female slave, it looks like I attract girls:)

I posted new bills! You can adpot them by going to my Temple at Platinum Escort Club and pay the bill of your choice by clicking the box.
here is the list of bills:
Rent - $L3750/week - ***ADOPTED by Zirg

Second Rent - $3900/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Clothes - $L1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Latex/Leather Clothes - $L1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Sexy Belts - $1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Boots/Shoes - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan

Hair Styles - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Jewelry - L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan

Bra/Panty - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Bikini - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Corsets - L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Stockings - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Internet Bill (RL) - $L4000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Classifieds Fees - $1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan

Hats - L$500/week - ADOPTED by Stanford

Textures Bill - L$500/week - ADOPT THIS BILL NOW BY PAYING THE BOX!

Dance Animations Bill - L$1000/week - ADOPT THIS BILL NOW BY PAYING THE BOX!


Furniture L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Animations Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Flowers Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder

Advertisement Fees Bill - L$1000/week - ADOPT THIS BILL NOW BY PAYING THE BOX!

As you can see there are still some bills left which you can adopt!

Who loves to pay my bills? Of course spankme is the leader in here! He adopted another 3 bills today! OMG! what a pay robot he is!

Additionally I took him shopping today again! Actually he was beggin me to take him shopping like he always does! But I was really glad that I went, because I had a chance to buy excellent new outfits! I will post new pics next time.

Here is the spankme tribute list:
L$500,L$500,L$500,L$500, L$1500,L$3000,L$2000,L$2000,L$2000,L$3000

Total taken from spankme today: L$15500

Total Tribute Today: L$61640

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