Sunday, April 13, 2008

There is only one GODDESS

As ordered Forced changed into female form and now he is ready to sell his body to anyone for some lindens, so only later he can send everything to his GODDESS. I know many of you dream about this, but only few decided to go for it. Many of you are too afraid to face the truth that you are just a toy in my hands. Forced realized that very soon and now he is not only getting drunk for me, sending his $avings, but also making more money by being a total whore in SL. The same way he is a total slave for me, at least he wants to be. But total slavery is not for everybody, you must be a real worshipper, go deeper than others, submit completely, obey obey obey.....
After seeing Forced drunk yesterday, now I realized that he is the good candidate for a slave. He was a total drunk loser for me, but he was able to give his 'sensitive' information. After collecting this info I realized that his ass is mine forever and this slave will do anything for his MISTRESS. This is not the end for him, this is the new beginning.

Forced tributes: L$1600,L$1600,L$1600,L$1600,L$1600,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$1000 ,L$2000,L$2000

Forced adopted one of my bill and paid for 4 weeks: L$4000

It all happened on Saturday evening, but if you think that Forced after having a good night sleep changed his mind you are wrong. Next day on Sunday he sent L$10 000 to my Island Fund. There was nothing better than seeing ten thousand on your transaction history when you are not even online.

The total money taken from this bitchboy: L$35 000

Another slave which is of course my biggest pupper , always number one. There is no way any slave can even come close to him when it comes to amount of cash given to his GODDESS. The total addict, but at the same time smart individual who always know how to surprise his MISTRESS. He is changing his shapes and outfits regularly to make me laugh, he will do anything to humiliate himself for ME. But even a good slave like that makes mistakes, because you must remember that there are no perfect slaves, only better and worse losers. Spankme left without permission the other night and he had to pay for his mistake. I decided to whip his ass with my new bullwhip, the next part of punishment was playing with hot wax. This little bitchboy paid L$150 for each stroke of whip, when I changed a punishment toy to cane he paid 170, when whipped by quirt L$200 per stroke. I got rich very fast that night as you can probably imagine: his ass took 14 strokes of whip: L$150 x 14, 5 by cane: L$170 x 5, 11 by quirt: L$200 x 11. This must be excellent feeling of getting ass whipped without mercy and knowing that your wallet is getting drained at the same time.
The total cost of this punishment was L$5150

Of course before even a punishment was considered I didnt want to talk to him, so he paid L$5000 to get my attention.

The rest of tributes are just to make me feel better: L$2000, L$2000, L$2000, L$1000, L$1000, L$400

Besides that spankme pays L$500 to enter SecondLife, : L$500, L$500, L$500, L$500, L$500

Grand Total from spankme: L$15550
Zan is very loyal, we didn't see each other for weeks and he pays my bills regularly. Today he paid : L$1000,L$1500,L$1000 = L$3500

Zirg was the first one who adpoted my bill, he paid my rent long time before I even made a list of my bills. Today he paid in time as always: L$3,750

stanford continues to pay my bill of L$500, today he paid for this week. Good work girl.

This is the current list of of my bills. Please notice new bills ready to adopt!

Rent - $L3750/week - ***ADOPTED by Zirg

Second Rent - $3900/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Clothes - $L1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Latex/Leather Clothes - $L1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankm

Sexy Belts - $1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Boots/Shoes - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan

Hair Styles - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Jewelry - L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan

Bra/Panty - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Bikini - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Corsets - L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Stockings - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Internet Bill (RL) - $L4000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Classifieds Fees - $1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan

Hats - L$500/week - ADOPTED by Stanford

Textures Bill - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by Martial

Dance Animations Bill - L$1000/week - ADOPT THIS BILL NOW BY PAYING THE BOX in my Temple!

Glasses - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by Jonas

Furniture L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Animations Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Flowers Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme

Advertisement Fees Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Forced

Whips and Canes - L$1000/week - NEW BILL! Adopt today! Visit my Temple!

BDSM Furniture - L$1000/week - NEW BILL! Adopt today! Visit my Temple!

BDSM Toys - L$1000/week - NEW BILL! Adopt today! Visit my Temple!

I decided to take tax from you losers! You can sign up for tax at my Temple , the same way you pay my bills. Just pay the chosen box. There are 3 kinds of tax: slave tax, sissy tax, loser tax. Enjoy!


Slave Tax : $L500/week - ......................

Slave Tax : $L500/week - ......................

Loser Tax : $L1500/week - ......................

Loser Tax : $L1500/week - ......................

Sissy Tax : $L1000/week - ........................

I hope this make you laugh: :)) (only if you are from U.S. hehe)
"No slave left behind act" :)

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Forcedintox Gotter said...

mmmm i like so much to read Your blog Goddess ! It drives me crazy to read all Your stories, because it gives me the impression to share some parts of Your SL life. Thank You so much Goddess