Friday, April 25, 2008

All bills paid!!!!

Everybody dream about this! All your bills paid and you dont have to worry at all about your expenses! Take a look who adopted which bill, can you find your name? If you are not there, it means you suck loser!!!!
Rent - $L3750/week - ***ADOPTED by spankmeharder
Second Rent - $3900/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Clothes - $L1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Latex/Leather Clothes - $L1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Sexy Belts - $1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Boots/Shoes - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan
Hair Styles - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Jewelry - L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan
Bra/Panty - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Bikini - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Corsets - L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Stockings - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Internet Bill (RL) - $L4000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Classifieds Fees - $1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Zan
Hats - L$500/week - ADOPTED by Stanford
Textures Bill - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by Martial
Dance Animations Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Glasses - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Furniture L$1500/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Animations Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Flowers Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Advertisement Fees Bill - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by Forced
Whips and Canes - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
BDSM Furniture - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
BDSM Toys - L$1000/week -***ADOPTED by spankme
Flowers - L$1000/week - ***ADOPTED by spankme
Zirg Promisory - L$3750/weeek ***ADOPTED by ZirgTAX:
Slave Tax : $L500/week - spankme
Slave Tax : $L500/week - Forced
Loser Tax : $L1500/week -Forced
Loser Tax : $L1500/week - .spankme
Sissy Tax : $L1000/week - spankme
here is the latest tribute from spankme.. take a look at nice L$10 000 :)

So who is the best!? Of course spankme! hehe... here is the full list of his tributes :
L$500, L$1,000, L$2,000, L$500, L$500,L$500, L$500, L$500, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$1000, L$10 000,L$500, L$500,L$1,500, L$1,000 L$500, L$500
total from spankme : L$26 000
Zan pays his bills too:Zan: L$7000
I have a new boy !!! zachi ! Didnt have a chance to meet him yet, I think he's very shy... but this is what I got from him so far:
L$1,000, L$1,000, L$1,000
zachi: L$3000

What happens when you disobey Goddess Anabella? Hmm... he is one of my idiots who thought is smarter than me lol. Read his apology letter:

Dear Goddess
I've done a lot of hard thinking about me disobeying you the other day. I want you to know that everything that I'm about to say is coming from the bottom of my heart. I know that it will be very difficult for you to accept my apology, but I want you to think about our how obediant I usually am. The main reason I decided to write you this letter is because I want to express my deepest apology. I admit that I was thoughtless and stupid of me not to ask for permission before acting against your instructions, but the reason for that is not that I do not agree with your orders - it was just a thoughtless act.I want you to know that I am very sorry. It will newer happen again.

Please forgive me...
Should I forgive him? Hmm.. I made him to do some humiliating pictures of himself.. this is him masturbating lol... and then licking everything from the floor! OMG disgusting..
(look closer at his tattoo: "loser" LOL)

I was thinking maybe more of you would like to take humiliating photos of yourself? This would be fun!

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Forcedintox Gotter said...

Congratulations for Your bills Mistress ! Your slave is very happy for You and now would love to go deeper in his total submission to You Mistress. Your slave is awaiting for Your orders Mistress.