Tuesday, April 8, 2008

sexy short skirt + fishnets + boots = L$15800

Two hour session with Sleort! This slave is getting seriously addicted to me. There is no single day without him beggin on IM for a session. Today I gave him a hard lesson which resulted in nice tribute as well: L$4000, $L4000, L$1000 - $L9000 from Sleort

Martial looks like a nice girl, she responded to my request about adopting remaining bills. She did well, accepted L$500/week bill , but paid L$1000. Good girl! I hope to meet her soon. Looks like another female slave is getting into my web of seduction :)

I'm not going to even comment this rude bitch, paypig. He's name in SL is PayPig , I mean what a loser you need to be to register name like that? I don't like the way he talks. This dumbass sent $L4886 begging not to put him on ignore.
This loser deserves public humiliation like nobody else.

Taken From Slaves Today: L$15800

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