Sunday, April 6, 2008

Downfall of one Domme, SecondLife fastest wallet rape!, drunk losers, total tribute: over L$90 000 (!!!)

I feel terrible about not updating my blog for 4 days! A lot of things happen and I just couldn't find some time to do it! Now I regret it! I got so many tributes and met so many slaves that it took 30 minutes to write down all tributes from my payment history! You have no idea how much work is that! My last post was 6 days ago and during that time I received gifts and tributes for over L$90 000. I promise myself and especially you to work harder and give you updates more often, because 6 days is too long for stuff like that! Especially when you are Anabella Spark:)
* * *
Downfall of one domme
I got many IMs regarding former money domme carla (currently pay slut haha). Slave sodar told me that she is actually trying to make slaves pay ! Excuse me?! Did I miss something? You can be a switch in this lifestyle! You are a pay slut or money domme! Decide ! hahaha Sodar asked her about my previous blog entry when carla was a main star and guess what happened! That bitch ran away!. LOL typical for confused little slut! But this is not the end of downfall of carla. While checking my email, i found this interesting message (it is the IM send from her while I was offline):
Carla Deluca: sorry if i disturb You Goddess ....hope it is ok for you if i lay some cash at Your feet while You are offline,...dreaming of sucking Your toes and soles..... Carla Deluca: slided 650 lindens betwen your toes Goddess [15:22] Carla Deluca: 750 Carla Deluca: 850 now [15:32] Carla Deluca: ohhhh 1000 lindens are into Your account Goddess ohhhh 15:33] Carla Deluca: prayinh in the temple ans layiing my cash at your feet [15:35] Carla Deluca: 1150 [15:35] Carla Deluca: 1250 [15:36] Carla Deluca: 1400 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [15:38] Carla Deluca: ohhh betteer i leave....ohhhh [15:38] Carla Deluca: kiss your feet

Ok! What is that? Is this the way a domme talk? No.. this is not even a language of little sub girl. This is the way a total pay slut talks! Right.. Do you still have any doubt who is she?

Everything would be great, I dont mind her to be my payslut! But take a look at my transaction history:
Carla wrote in her IMs that she is paying: 650, 750, 850,1000, 1150,1250,1400...
let's face reality, my transaction shows something else: 100,150,150,150,100,100,100,100,150,150,100,150

What the hell is this?

I think carla should answer this question! So far you owe me L$7050!
What do you think you dumb slut!? Sending some hundreds and saying about thousands in IM you lie to yourself to get off?!!? It's pathetic! I expect L$7000 in couple of days, bitch!

Zan paid his bills in time. Total of L$2500

Zirg had a chance to pay my rent again: L$3750 , and L$1500 to change my bad mood, but it didnt help LOL... sweet Zirg.. :) winks

There is a new loser Zandy who loves alcohol! He paid L$5000 to enroll in my forced intoxication program. But I think it's not going to have to be so 'forced' in this case since he loooves to drink! haha I'm going to have him drunk with empty wallet faster than he thinks! Can't wait to drain this piggy.

Good slave Sleort begged for a session almost 3 days, but I was so busy and couldnt find time for him! But finally he got lucky on Sunday. We had 2 hour session which most included whipping, sucking, strap on raping, dirty fucking etc It was fun as always, The best part is when I have all his holes fucked with my dildo hahahaha. $L8000 from Sleort

Remember that new boy sauran from previous posts? Yesterday we had intoxication session, you can hardly call it 'forced' because this piggy just was drinking without any chance to stop! Sending tributes , drinking, tribute, drinking, from time to time he asked: should I drink more , Mistress? LOL.. loser! hehe.. ah.. and he was a virgin when it comes to dildos! Can you belive that? haha I raped not only his wallet but also his sorry sissy ass with my pink strap on LOL
Here are his tributes: sauran - 500, 500, 250, 300, 300, 200, 300, 300, 300, 300, 300, 600, 600,600,325 total of L$5375

What is the most funny?I got his girlfriend's contact information! awww..
who owns you now, sauran? haha

Neil sent L$500, L$500, L$500. I had a chance to finally meet him, hope next time you will not be so busy with other dommes while talking to me? huh?

* * *
stanford was my slut long time ago, she lost all money on me and then disapeared, I ignored her silly ass for a while, and finally she understood how to get my attention! She adpoted a bill.

spankme - super piggy - Anabella's pay robot and ATM

You know him! The most addicted money slave here! He is paying entrance tax! Each time he enters SL must pay L$500! During the last 6 days had to pay L$12500 , just because of that! WoW! Can you imagine that? If any of you would you like to pay entrance tax let me know on IM! If you can't pay 500, we can negotiate! hahah
Bills: spank loves to pay bills: $L4000, $L1000, $L1000, $L1000, $L3900, $L1000,$L1500,$L1000,$L2000,$L4000
tribute for island fund: L$2500

And take a look at this! Second Life fastest wallet rape! $L20 000 in less than 4 minutes! am I perfect or what?!? YES I AM! This is awsome! look at the transaction record and especially at the time:

I took my ATM for shopping today as well, he paid L$2000, and look how fast I spent it LOL
The total tributes from spankme in last 6 days: around L$56400

Congratulations! you are winning my pay pig race!!!!!


I always like those 'Please take all I have' guys. They come from nowhere and then disapear for long time until they got that strange feeling to empty their wallets before sexy dominatrix again. Daren send everything he had which was L$7918! Sweet! Now suffer in poverty loser! *winks haha

Thank you all!

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