Tuesday, April 22, 2008

L$105 180 ! Yes over 100k from you! 51k from Forced! 28k from spankme

Alright slaves! Again you proved your loyality to Goddess! The last two days I received in total : L$105 180 ! This is absolutely amazing and you rock bitches! LOL
I need to start with Forced! Indeed he paid the tribute of L$45000 (look below!) plus the rest are bills adoped - L$6000
Forced lost today over L$51000 - what can I say other than: CONGRATULATIONS PIGGY! :)
The real fun is that I was not even online and it was a great surprise for me! :)
I'm getting really wet when I see all money coming to me just like that.

If you think that's it. YOU ARE WRONG! spankme knows how to make her Goddess happy and horny as well.. Look at the list of his tributes. In fact they are just adopted bills! LOL He adopted almost all bills I have on my walls.. can you belive that? Well , if you can't then move your ass to my Temple and see it yourself!

spank: L$3,000 , L$1,000 , L$1,500 , L$1,000 , L$1,000 , L$1,000 ,L$3,750,L$3,900,L$1,000,L$1,000, L$1,500, L$1,000,L$1,000,L$500, 500, 5000, 500,

total from spankme: L$28250

Congratulations spankme! :-) Goddess is happy :)

Zan , another loyal slave paid his bills in time as well.
L$1,000 and L$1,500
It is time to lick my boots zan! so better show up online :P
slave jon paid L$15000. Good boy, but do not expect a lot this week, however you could take me shopping?
Zirg missed to pay my rent bill and guess who adopted it? spankme! hahahaha zirg was sooo pissed off and he actually demanded the new bill to pay! (ok I'm kidding, he just asked nice:)
but still hey.. I had to make a new bill for him which he paid instantly L$3750 I just laugh at weak slaves like you.
Later today he sent more cash: $560 , L$560 , L$560, and L$3000 for not being a sissy for one day LOL... no comment , just big LOL

oh. and some shy girl shawnee paid $L300. how cute... :)

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