Saturday, April 12, 2008

Your poor girlfriend

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What happens when a girl is dating a loser and don't know about it? Read this chat log:

[20:35] sauran: godd this is so crazyy, i shouldn'tt be on heree when im so drunk, i get so weak and helpless
[20:36] Anabella Spark: you should get another drink and stop bitching
[20:36] sauran : pouringg one now Goddess
[20:37] sauran: slippingg so deep
[20:41] Anabella Spark: so?
[20:41] Anabella Spark: what are you waiting for
[20:41] sauran: ohh goddess, i m so messedd up and depresseddd..should i do this?
[20:42] Anabella Spark: do you have other choice?
[20:42] sauran : noo Goddesss
[20:42] Anabella Spark: I dont think so
[20:43] sauran: oh godd...
[20:43] Anabella Spark: first we must make sure she will realize you are my loser
[20:43] sauran : yess Goddess
[20:44] Anabella Spark: and whats the best way to do it ?
[20:44] sauran : beggg firstt
[20:44] Anabella Spark: yes
[20:44] sauran : ohh...god...
[20:45] Anabella Spark: and expose your weakness
[20:45] sauran : i have to my drunken depressedd state..
[20:47] Anabella Spark: and A***e is your girlfriend
[20:47] Anabella Spark: is that right
[20:47] sauran : yess Goddess
[20:47] Anabella Spark: and this is her email? a********
[20:47] sauran : yes...oh..god..
[20:47] Anabella Spark: and your real name is...
[20:48] sauran Conley: d**** *****n
[20:48] Anabella Spark: and what do you want this goddess to do
[20:48] sauran : pleasee Goddesss i beg for youu to destroy my relationshipp with my g/f, and to makee me yourr complete bitchh
[20:49] Anabella Spark: take some more vodka
[20:50] sauran : yess Goddess


[20:50] sauran: i wass wearingg her pantiess like a sissy faggot Goddess
[20:52] sauran : godd..i am suchh a drunk ,loserr sissy faggot


[20:53] Anabella Spark: you need to pay me, so I can send her an email
[20:53] sauran : godd..thenn this will really happenn
[20:53] Anabella Spark: and when she will run away
[20:53] Anabella Spark: there will be only you and me
[20:53] Anabella Spark: smiles
[20:53] Anabella Spark: we dont need her
[20:54] Anabella Spark: do we
[20:54] sauran : noo Goddesss.
[20:54] Anabella Spark: exactly
[20:54] Anabella Spark: now I am waiting for the tribute
[20:55] sauran : god..thiss is goingg to changee my lifee
[20:55] Anabella Spark: and this is what you want
[20:55] Anabella Spark: to give meaning to your pathetic life
[20:55] sauran : yes...Goddess...but i am drunkk and depressedd..not sure if i am in right state of mind..
[20:56] sauran : addictivee
[20:56] Anabella Spark: it's perfect time


[21:03] Anabella Spark: ooooops
[21:03] sauran Conley: what'ss thatt Goddess?
[21:06] sauran Conley: aree u stillll there Goddesss?


[21:07] Anabella Spark: I sent it already
[21:07] Anabella Spark: and copy of our conversation
[21:07] sauran : that meanss you have destroyedd my relationshippp Goddesss..

[21:07] Anabella Spark: yes
[21:08] sauran : and noww you can startt the drainingg of this loserrr Godesss..god..
[21:08] Anabella Spark: yes :)

Total $ from sauran: L$500, L$500, L$500, L$500 = $L2000

Good start, can't wait to see his girlfriend's reaction tomorrow :) I will keep you updated!
spankme paid my bills again: L$1,000,L$1,000,L$1,000,L$1,000,L$1,000,L$1,000,L$1,500,L$1,500 , L$2,000,L$3,900,L$1,000,L$1,500,L$500 == L$17900

It looks like paying my bills is his hobby! And this is how it should be! He is always first when it comes to spending money for me! A real pay puppet! Others should learn from him!

And now spankme will be wearing red latex dress and I slowly turn him into a sissy hahahaha! Can you imagine that? This will be a lot of fun. We had an introduction session yesterday.

Additionally he was drinking my virtual martini hahah... can virtual martini make you drunk?

It appears so... if you are with your Goddess anything can happen.. He paid for each new virtual glass of martini: L$2,000, L$2,000, L$2,000, L$1,000 == L$7000

There is a new guy and he found me on... google! ..and joined SL just to be my slave! How sweet. Remember that noobs have purchase limit when it comes to linden dollars... so this new slave
named Forced could just buy L$2,560! hahah The most important thing is that he is into forced intoxication as well! LOL It's going to be a lot of fun! I want to meet more google slaves! *giggles

Sleort is another addict! We have a BDSM session almost everyday! I really enjoy to humiliate this slave. Today I had a new idea: gift for him. Slut girl Stanford had to be his fuck doll! hahaha she was so excited that she paid L$400.
Sleort finally was satisfied after using her sexually (stanford is good for that)

His tributes: L$500, L$4,000, L$1,000,L$1,000, L$500, L$4,000 == L$11000

This includes cum 2000L for cum tax! ROFL

Jonas is back and adopted one of my bills for L$500/week! Good boy. I'm looking forward to meet you soon! Oh and I finally had a chance to meet Martial, another girl who adopted my bill, she is using AApunisher. Very easy toy,I clicked on her ring and money was taken instantly from her account! Smart device! *giggles.. unfortunately she didnt have a lot... $327,$328. poor girl:)

good old slave jon sent L$5000, L$5000 and L$2500 yesterday. Too bad you are not online so often anymore... or are you afraid of me? You should ... he usually sends few hours after I post new message on the blog. Total from jon: L$12500

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