Saturday, June 6, 2009

7k for anonymity!

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so..slave N. just paid L$7000 for not having his full name displayed on my blog. hahah but he didn't pay to expose his fantasy! So here it goes: this slave wants to serve me for 60 minutes, get punished and then be fucked really hard! hahah is it usual for all of you slaves? I'm sure most of you dream about it :) slave a. got his wallet raped for L$3000 a few days ago and today he paid additionally L$1000 because he loved pictures in my temple. How sweet. slave y. paid L$4000 for permission to cum! OMG, what a loser! next time you will need to beg and pay at least double for that! There is no excuse for wankers! there is one gentlemen who spends at least 10k every time he sees me online. He gets so excited and always drink so much vodka and pass out. And guess what... he says he is not a slave and not a sub.. uhm.. ok.. he just adores me and likes to drink. no problem. but if you want to get your wallet raped then I guess you are not just vanilla boy, are you J.?:) I just received an email from our old friend PayPig Tovar and he announced that he is going back to SL. He added his visa card and want a big wallet draining. Oh...huh... I'm not sure if I should believe this wanker since he was walking around broke lately. Additionally, I just checked his profile and he didnt logged in to SL in a very long time. So PayPig if you really want to prove you are worth something, better show you ass at my club with your new VISA card in your mouth. slave V. paid L$5000 after reading my last blog post. I was like wtf...I didnt write anything there, I just post the pics! lol... looks liek you bitchboys can't get my new sexy pics out of your minds and crawling over my feet and just beggin to send nice.. I really like that. slavegirl hazumu is back and she paid L$1500 saying that this is all she has at the moment. yeah right. I didnt believe her and she immediately paid 575 after few seconds. Mission accomplished slut! Btw. I opened a new group: 'Cock Control Domme' for all slaves addicted to jerking off and paying for permission to cum, pay per stroke, cbt, and other sweet humiliation games. I know you like it and it is so easy to get you addicted, you coming back so often hahah

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