Friday, June 19, 2009

You can't resist

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slave a. aka wannabe blackmailed aka sissy slut showed up again. This total dumbass entered into the cage in my Temple again, of course *accidently*, yeah right! Of course I locked the loser up and he started to beg to rape his wallet as he always does. This time I decided to give him more severe treatment and took him on the short leash and throw him to my dungeon. Hard whipping changed his attitude, but that was not enough for this slave! He begged me to turn him into cock sucking latex sissy slut. Since turning slaves with micro dicks into sissy girls is my speciality it wasnt a problem. You can see the picture taken after I have done the transformation

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Additionally, during the whipping I ordered him to pay 250L after each stroke of whip, but he received many *free* ones on his ass as well:)

here is the summary of his tributes:

10 x L$250
6 x L$1000
1 x L$3000

total: L$11500

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I decided to start the one more blog which will focus on my business projects in SL, especially Platinum Club, HypnoMist and others. Looks like many non-bdsm, non-femdom people come here and think that the only thing I do in SL is to whip asses 24/7 which is not true. My another blog will be strictly about business for business people and potential business partners.

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Hahaha you got Anger!!!