Friday, June 12, 2009

Slave position open!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime! There is a new opening for a slave in my stable!
This is not a money slave position! Read the details:

position: slave builder

description: a slave must be a good builder in SL

avability: you need to be ready to serve when you are online

tribute: the tribue will be only in form of work and servitude in the dungeon. No money tribute is required.

status: if you prove that you are worth my time, you will be collared and fully owned by me.

sharing: from time to time I might share you with other dommes

house: you can live in the cage in my sim or any other place I choose to or you can live on your own somewhere else

how to apply: Write a notecard with description why I should choose you and tell me little about yourself. Send the notecard in SL to Anabella Spark or write the email to remember to clearly write your SL name (first and last)

Please note: IMs like "I want to serve you" and nothing else, or unexpected friendship invitations will get you muted. You have a chance to serve the real Goddess so dont f*** up your chance:)
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Good luck worms :-)


Anonymous said...

I sent you the application for a slave Mistress. I want to be owned but I am not a builder :(

Anabella Spark said...

*there we go! a few minutes and we got the first champion. if you are not a builder and this position is strictly about being a slave builder why the heck you are wasting my time? open your wallet and serve like everyone else!