Thursday, December 27, 2007

Evil Plan: Level 2

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It looks like you missed me while I was away (only two days, but still). I'm getting really good picture of your addicted and weak mind. Step by step, I'm re-programming your useless brain. The level of addiction of some of you is very high. I think it is time to go to the next level of my plan. Over the last months I collected relatively large number of puppets. This is the moment I was waiting for. Over the next few days Your Goddess will provide you with full details of my plan. Just for now, I can say one thing to my puppets: your live will be much harder now, but you will love every second of it even more. There will be some restrictions for new slaves who wish to contact me for the first time - sucks for you noobs. Finally I will introduce you the LOVE TAX, CUM TAX and many other interesting ways to make my life easier. lol... I deserve to live in luxury and the only reason your are here is because you NEED to make me happy!

the latest tribute list:

slave jon -6500L
hypno - 4000L
jonas - 4000L .....and he wasn't even drunk! But I like him better when he's not able to stand stright. I need to work on his attitude.
marc - 3200L
danni: 3000L
lukeW - 2000L
idiot tom - 1500L (and I still think you are stupid!)
joe - 1000L
arianna: 1000L (do you like to get banned? hehe)
cheryl: - 1000L , L$750, 1,500L, (She prays regularly in the Temple, and sends nice amount of lindens each time. I'm proud of you! Don't stop!
jamal; 500

*To others: Why you are not on the list? Dont be cheap and stop sending money less than 500L LOL

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Doc Nolan said...

Hmmm, when I read 'don't be cheap -- and stop sending money less than 500L!' I logged into Second Life and made sure to send Anabella more than 500L. It was simple...This blog deserved more than verbal acknowledgment!