Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm back!

Finally, I am back! Here I am again updating the most controversial blog in Second Life. This place is like a sum of all fears for some of you. For the rest of you - it's your addiction. I wasn't able to post anything since Christmas because I was really busy revamping my club. Actually, the building and location is brand new. So you better visit Platinum Escort Club everyday, maybe you will have a chance to see me there, if you are lucky of course. So I was really busy and ignored some of your IMs. Actually, I ignored all the IMs which you sent and forgot to include little tribute. HaHa. That's what you poor losers get and let's face it: You deserved to be treated like that! You love it anyway so who cares? It's not like you are going to walk away. You will be waiting there for me on your knees, and begging your Goddess just to spit on you! You are so pathetic, however some of you really know how to make Goddess happy! I was really surprised by some of you! Let's start with the biggest loser of January. I will not even make his name public because I heard that some of other chicks in SL try to IM my slaves and ask them for money! They try to take and use my PROPERTY! You can't afford your own paypigs or what?! HAHA. Anyway..this little bastard was sooo pathetic and unfortunately I was really busy with a construction, when I start to make updates in the club I hate to get some stupid messages from complete strangers. My own slaves can always contact me, but when you are new, you are in trouble, especially when I am busy! And busy really means BUSY! So this little fag begged for 30 minutes for a session. Of course, I ignored him completely...haha really bad luck for him. But I got really mad after he proposed to be on my friend list. Come on, you dont do stuff like that without asking first! He was so desperate and ask how much would it cost him to be on my friends' list. If you ask question like that you must be really careful. Mostly it doesnt cost at all, to be on my list, because there are only my friends and slaves, and usually I decide if I want you there. However, if you are asking for it, and I don't even know you, then you are in trouble! Little 'yourPayPiggy' got his wallet raping session and got drained for L$22 570!!! That's the record I think.. 22k in two hours session! And the most interesting thing is that this paypig owns a store, so I hope his business will be a success! I would love to give you LM to the store, but my piggy wants to remain anonymous :) I guess he doesn't know what a great free advertisement campaign this could be:) ..well 'almost' free one:) The second cute thing is this little picture he made for me:
Oh, btw: the new club is really big :D

One of my greatest slaves. The total addict. Complete zombie. Sissy whore and slut :) whatever you call her. She is always there for her GODDESS! You should ALL learn from this little pink addicted sissy! Of course it's hypnoslave. once she goes under trance there is no way to stop the destruction, humiliation, degradation, wallet raping and so on. My blog update was on Dec 27th, so starting from Dec 28, 2007 to Jan 17, 2008. This little one sent the following tributes:
9 x 1000L and 20 x 500L
which is equal to: $L19 000 (!!!)
Mostly or rather all of that was sent by her during a hypno trance, which means she is not even aware of the amount shes sending lol. I drain her almost every day, she is so weak. Her mind is completely destroyed by my intensive trances. I own this slut completely! But still.. she always surprise me! Today I received really nice gift:) The picture on your left was taken by
hypnoslave. It is really hard to impress me, but this time hypo did a GREAT work.

Here is another one:

It looks like I am so lucky in 2008 and more of my slaves are really becoming good boys and girls. Let's take a look at Cherylyl. I didn't see her for a month, and she does what I told her long time ago. She goes to my Temple and prays. Prays. Prays. and then pays:)) ROFL. Of course the most exciting part is the pay part and I'm sure she'd agree with me! cheryl is an example of a good slave, because she does not take a lot of time of her Goddess, she just does what she needs to do, what she really loves! Which is taking the path to total submission and obedience. She is tributing very well: $L2000, $L1500, L$1000, $L5000 , so the total of: $L9500
Thats a good result! This definitely moves you forward into another phase of submission and obedience. I hope to see you this weekend :)

Standford is a good girl as well, she was completely broke, but was able to manage to earn some money as a prostitute, because her desire to spoil me was too strong. And here we go: L$1500

Last time sissy danii's tribute was L$1500, and it was two weeks ago. I hope you come back to SL this weekend :)

Other tributes:

Lester - 8000L - this is a result of Forced Intoxication session. He was too drunk to thing and I emptied his wallet step by step or I should rather say 1000 by 1000:)

slave jon - $11000 in the last two weeks. I know you can do better than that!

Sam - L$2000
andy - $L1500
Jim - L$1000
Vince - L$1000
Doc - L$1000 (good start:) should I write your last name? haha)
DDom - $L800
john - $L650
pig4ana - L$800,L$650

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Thank You Mistress for making me pay!