Sunday, January 20, 2008

Phase Two: Attach the chain and make them pay

UPDATE: New Bills adopted ! :)

It is time to introduce the next step of my evil plan! This is important day in SL. I'm taking over this little word prim by prim:). Very soon I will become the ultimate ruler :) ok.. let's get on the ground now.. This is the new way to spoil your Goddess, but this time it gets more serious. You can adopt one of my bills! In order to learn how to do it. Just visit my temple! (link on my profile in the Picks)
Here is the list of my current bills:

Rent - $L3750/week - ***ADOPTED by Zirg

Clothes - $L1000/week -***ADOPTED Strawgaryfields

Fetish CLothes - $L2000/week -

Boots/Shoes - L$1000/week -

Hair Styles - L$500/week - ***ADOPTED Doc

Jewlery - L$1500/week -

Bra/Panty - L$1000/week -

Internet Bill (RL) - L$4000/week


Guess who's back? Zirg F. ! Yep.. This little pay piggie left SL two months ago! Without saying a word! I got really pissed off at him, she could at least say somethnig. The best thing is that losers like that ALWAYS crawl back ! haha.. I didnt even want to speak with her, however this sissy is good when it comes to begging: $L1000, $L5000 and...another $L5000 ..all of this in just 30 min! well since she really understood her mistake; I decided to give her a chance and be the first slave to adopt my bill. Since she was paying my rent at the old place long time ago, she is the lucky one to adopt rent bill for my club which is $L3750 per week! She already paid that and she's going to do that every week! If she fails - I'm gonna press my 'mute' button.
The total amount out of her wallet yesterday: $L14750 !!
*UPDATE: L$750 today from sissy zirg :)


$L2500 from drunk Lester. This forced intoxication session didnt go very well since this idiot LEFT without permission, after that he came back beggin for more. Total disaster! He is a loser of a week and such a coward (psst. I have some sensitive info about him and his wife, that's why he is sooooo pissed off. LOL & ROFL )


L$4500 from Cheryl since Jan 17! Maybe it is time to adopt one or my bills? On the other hand, I totally understand you - there is nothing better than giving your cash after praying in my temple. Kisses!

Rook paid $L500 ,, but that wasnt enough to even be in my presence! After he added $L1500 , he was allowed to worship my boots. You want more? Better come naked next time ! haha


Sissy Danni is back! :) unfortunately the bitch crashed :( however I got $L500 :P


Doc said...

I would have adopted the bra/panty set, but I couldn't see the prim for them :-(

Anonymous said...

You're a bitch!