Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Visit the Temple

Here is the snapshot of my Temple:
Unfortunately, I wasn't online a lot this week. However I got some time to take some photos in my new skybox. I hope you will enjoy it. Ah and I'm looking for a slave who would like to pay rent for my properties. :)

I bought two dance tables and some nice sexy dances:
Photo session in my new skybox.

my fav face sitting chair..oh boys you are so in trouble


Anonymous said...

you're so perfect! You're the greatest Goddess! Take all my money please!!!

slvbill said...

she is such a spoiled brat!!! I CANT RESIST HER


you are the most heinous bitch in sl. anyone who worships you is a fool.

Anonymous said...

breath in pink
breath out think

face007 said...

Sit on my face Goddess and take my wallet!

Anonymous said...

I want to kiss her ass