Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Forced Intoxication

Recently, I was thinking a lot about Forced Intoxication. This is very controversial fetish, but unfortunately completely forgotten in Second Life. I created a new group called: 'Merciless and Forced Intoxication' . I received messages from many slaves regarding this subject, they all think that this is a great idea. I completely agree especially after being able to intoxicate some of the slaves. One of my first victims was Deedle. We had a lot of fun, after he got really drunk, I was actually able to get a lot of information from him and for sure some of this sensitive information will be used against him in the nearest future *giggles He probably doesn't even remember what he was saying, but I save logs from conversations with all slaves. If there is any problem, I'm willing to help and remind anything you wish :) Of course I did nice raping of Deedle's wallet: 3000L

The good thing is that not only guys are interested in Forced Intoxication! Very nice sub girl Cheela donated 133L last week, today I had a chance to meet her in my club. In the near future she may become my first drunk slavegirl. I'm looking forward into this extremely interesting adventure. :-) This will be my fourth money slavegirl - I'm really proud how you lesbians fall into my web.

Thank you all for praying in my Temple, I receive many donations, some of them from my very loyal followers such as Sleort (500L & 100L), jon (1200L), marc (1000L), vincent (800L).

Some of new paypigs arrived as well. Strawgaryfields paid 1000L. Very good tribute, this is what I like, nice thousand being transfered to my account while you praying on your knees before your Superior Goddess. I hope to see you again.

Finally, somebody who wasn't here for a long time showed up! But they always come back... Jezebelle donated 2400L - She will be transformed into a prostitute soon, so she can earn even more money for Goddess! You better come back quick, since my club is getting very popular, you will have a lot of work!

Now, this is very strange, some slave named Ransom, approached me in the club and asked if I want a paypig. I said 'yes' of course and then he paid 1500L and logged off! Wow, this is really a wacko! I must say it was nice experience, and Ransom you are more than welcome to repeat this next time when you see me!

Now one of my favorite and most loyal slaves hypno! She is really into hypnosis and I already started to transform her mind into something completely new. Step by step, I'm removing her personality and replace it with my own greedy thoughts. It is a complicated process, but it's getting better each time. I'm not sure if she is still aware of what is going on because her mind is really melted at this moment. She is my most addicted slave and basically I can do whatever I want with her. When she is under influence of my power, she starts to send money like crazy, 1000L every few minutes, after around 40 minutes today, I collected 7000L, last week 6000L so she is getting better each time :) . She is one lucky sissy. :)

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Doc said...

'When boys get drunk, bad bitches take advantage'... the basic concept behind every real life topless club! Now we boys can do it all from home... ain't technology great!