Monday, December 24, 2007

More slaves...

I got very interesting victim for Forced Intoxication. Jonas. I was able to get him drunk very fast, and after nice 'tribute marathon':

jonas - 2000, 2500,1000,1000,1000 which makes total of: 7500L

I managed to get some very sensitive info about him! Now he is just another pet trapped in my web! There is no way I will let his nightmare go away... On the other hand... I don't think this is a nightmare for him, you sluts love it, don't ya?!

silly strawgaryfields wanted to visit one of my prison cells, Of course I locked this idiot up after he entered the cell. he had to pay 2000L for freedom:)

I got new sissy - danni - this money slave is getting addicted very fast, her last tributes:

1147, 1481, 2500, 1000 - total of 6128L yay!

there is a new save jamal and he's going to work as a whore for me :) of course first you must find good female clothes! I hope he fixes his collar soon so I can control his pathetic life totally! jamal's tributes so far: 500, 1000, 500 - total of 2000L yay!

Hypno as usual was totally hypnotized while dancing and send 4000L ! yay! I need to intoxicate more pink into her empty head!

I can't wait until the OWK island will be open to public. Finally all Dommes will get a proper place to relax. It looks like there will be many slaves to serve them, so indeed it's going to be a real Femdom Empire in SL:)

It is good to see that some of you know how to spoil a real Goddess. For example slave marc offered to pay rent for this week , which is 3000L !

I'm proud of all of you pay piggies! Congratulations and guess what.. I'm waiting for more! So be prepared and have your fat wallets ready :-)

And to all others: Unwilling to pay? Just stare at my new pics until you change your mind ! ! !

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