Sunday, December 9, 2007

Complete New Platinum

Finally my latest project : renovation of Platinum Escort Club is done! I was able to find nice looking textures and furniture. My Temple was updated as well, you should go and look. Much more space in the Club and Temple.

I have been busy lately with updating my club and with my old and new slaves, sissies and money pigs. I will mention only the best slaves. For example I had a really interesting 60 minutes session with Sleort. I hope to see him again, we have sessions regularly:) but I love to see well trained slaves more often.

When it comes to money pigs the situation is rather good, my new temple seems to be a good place for slaves and sissies who want to worship the Real Goddess. I get many interesting IMs and small tributes. Of course I like the real money slaves the most. Few of my addicted followers always know how to satisfy their Goddess. hypno spent around $L8000 on me, she really puts a heart into it when it comes to spoiling. slavejon showed up online at the wrong time.. I was in the bad mood so I just took L$5500 out of this pay pig. sissy martin paid L$3500. new money cow kris paid L$1500. slvbill sent 4000L and you know that you need to give more bill!

Short message to others: I will not post info on this blog about tributes below L$1000. And one more thing.. when you send tribute and I am offline please send IM stating clearly that you just sent it:) it will be easier for me to contact you:)

And now I invite EVERYBODY to Platinum Escort Club ! enjoy the new look!


iloveAnabella said...

Goddess! I want to submit!

always_yours said...

Thank you for time Goddess. I am your devoted slave! You completely own my body and soul - forever!