Monday, October 18, 2010

Teamviewer wallet rape!

Thanks to a great guy Graphic Macarthur who is now my official photographer I am able to present to you more sexy pictures of my beautiful self! But if any of you would like to have photos taken by Graphic Macarthur make sure to contact him in Second Life and he will be more than welcome to invite you to participate in photo session!

I uploaded his business card if you are interested:

Now for all of you who are eager to see my new pictures please click on this link and it will take you to the flickr where you can enjoy it. Please note that only this gallery will be accessed through flickr (it's my photographer's account), any next pictures I will be posting as always - on twitpic!

I hope you are wondering how was my weekend! I have to tell you it was wonderful I have received many many tributes, but I will mention only few of you, if you want to deserve to be on my blog you need to approach me at least TWO times!

Jonas, the drunken loser showed up again after long time. He was craving to get drunk again and get his wallet raped. Indeed I wasn't online a lot during the summer. Goddess like me enjoy the sunlight, why would I want to care about losers like you and get online just to see your ugly butts? So Jonas got some vodka and beer. Of course he mixed it all and send L$2500.. after that he wanted to cum, so I told him to buy more lindens and jerk his pathetic cock LOL He was supposed to buy L$10 000! But of course the loser failed! So there is no cumming for him and this dumbass owe me L$10 000! You will bring it in your teeth next time! Oh and to make sure you are going to pay it quickly I will add L$500 late fee every day till you pay starting today! So as today you owe me L$10500! Nice?

Another slave showed up and paid L$1500

I had 2 sessions with slave eryk who paid total of L$14 000 but most of that fee is the session fee so I don't consider is as a financial domination, just rate for domme services :P

slave w. paid $4500 good work!

there is also another slave w. who tributed L$1000 after watching my money slave trance, I told him to buy the rest of my trances and he got pink series! Of course he enjoyed it!
For the rest of you: You can buy hypno trances in my store: just type HypnoMist in Second Life search engine and you will teleport directly to the store.

I know I promised to introduce new trances - trust me - I am working on them and I plan to extend the store. It will be bigger so more trances can be rezzed inside it :) That make sense, doesn't it?

During the weekend a slave L. approached me who wanted me to check out his collar and send around L$2000 as tribute for my time. of course I locked this dumbass' collar :), then we moved into dungeon where I whipped his ass really hard. But the most funny thing: each time my quirt hit his pathetic ass he paid L$100 ..what would you do on my place? Of course I was not planning to stop whipping his ass! Also I think I will officially introduce this technique to other slaves! So he got 20 hits on his ass which is the equivalent of L$2000..not bad.
Later I locked in into the special cage made of glass. He was drunk and horny! So I was able to get out of him ALL HIS INFO about him and his wife, he probably doesn't even remember what information I got! But the funny story is... after I warned him that I prepare email to his wife, he instantly got sober! muhahaha.. and begged me for 30 min to stop... of course I didn't! I made him to install a Teamviewer! (if you don't know teamviewer: it allows other people to spy on your PC and control it, so can for example connect to slave's computer and send money to yourself :) - that is ultimate rape and new way of abusing stupid freaks!) Of course, I used it before, but this time it was even better because I forced a slave to do it! and paid myself L$2700 from his computer :D... and then loser got so excited that he instantly uploaded more money and begged me to rape :$2000 more! Can you belive that!? Total addict! All his movements in SL are controled by the collar, I am added as the owner now... today dumbass removed the collar saying it was an accident - well guess what - there will be severe punishment for that! Hopefully you will read about it on my next blog post!

also some slave z. approached me, he is fat and likes to take pictures of his pathetic body and sending to my email.. he is such a freak, he already paid L$10 000 for permission to send 5 pics of him to me LOL. However I didn't like the pics because I told him that he needs to write my name on his pathetic fat body... and he failed to do that! instead he send L$5000 as apology! So he is the deal... dumbass z. - you have 24 hours (and I know you spend hours on my blog drooling at my pictures, so you will get this announcement :) to send photo of yourself with my name written on it! Also you will pay L$10 000 punishment fee! I won't disclose your face, I will cut it off the photograph, however if you fail to do it - I will post your other pics on my blog with your face clearly visible! You choose dickhead!


Anonymous said...

Goddess Anabella just teamviewed me and omg fucked up my computer!! Of course I asked Her to do this but didn't expect how it would be so severe... but of course being the fucked up loser freak that i am, i LOVED it....
Then She got names from my Facebook (like my mother and brother!!!) and has given me 24 hours to come up with more money or She is going to email them ughhhh.
And last thing, She first told me it would be around L$1,500 for 30 mins, but She only needed 10 mins to fuck me up and then sent Herself all but L$49 which was almost L$7500!!!
And the kicker, is when She was done abusing me, She BOOTED ME from the Sim, laughing Her ass off and ordering me not to return until i can crawl to Her feet with money in my mouth!!
Ughhh She is TOO POWERFUL bitches, and once She gets control of you, your fucking done.... like me...
Another update coming soon....
Serf Neox, SL

tonto said...

Would love Goddess to do that to me. i like you, am very weak willed. slave4blmail

tonto said...

Wish Goddess would do this to me, like you i,m very weak willed and easilly used. slave4blmail