Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teamviewer strikes again!

loser d. showed up again horny as always. Too bad he went over his buying limits and cannot even buy $5000! I whipped his ass in the dungeon and taken $3500 using teamviewer. He provided the password and wanted me to "rape his wallet". What a sad guy! He should figure out how to get more money on his account first! It also turned out that he is a total sissy and loves being fucked with a strap on! Can you imagine that? He also doesn't wear a cock in SL saying that his real one is so small. Freak! The only thing to do with th
ese kind of pathetic losers is to abuse them till they can't figure out what is real or not. One more session with me and he will be convinced that he is dickless in rl:) and won't be able to have sex with his wife till he pays me...
* * *
Another slave S. approached me at Platinum Club. He seems to be new in SL and wanted to find out how it feels to be ruined by me. He gave me password to his account on teamviewer and wanted me to mess up his computer and at the end take money from his account for my time. I warned him that it will cost $1500 for 30 minutes. He agreed.
I logged into his computer and deleted all fonts and also 1.5 GB of applications he had installed on his pathetic computer. I posted some crazy things about hi
m on his facebook account so even his brother and mother were able to see it! Idiot had his email open as well, so I decided to sent some perverted emails as well. At the end I took L$7500 from his account leaving him with L$400! lol He was so excited and I was very satisfied since it took only a few minutes of my time. At the very end I dismissed the loser by kicking him out of my region! He is so lucky that he wasn't banned! I really hate broke bitchboys and this is what he became after my little destruction.
I have taken some screenshot during the conversation with him. So all of you can see and enjoy! Click on each picture to see the larger version:

* * *
Just a few minutes after I met another slave. His name is T. According to him he reads my blog very often and decided to contact me because he couldn't resist to get financially abused. He dreamed of getting his wallet raped and this is what he gave... L$3000. I told him to stroke his cock and pay for permission to do it. He was confused, didn't know if he should beg for permission to cum on the floor or stay and receive more abuse that excited him so much! Unfortunately for 3k you can't cum idiot! Forget it!
He also has his real pic on his profile! This time I made it impossible to recognize, but I made quickly change my mind and expose this slut! So next time T. approach me with more cash!
Click for larger version of each picture

* * *
slave w. paid $6000 and gave me e-mail to his girlfriend. He begged me to write to her and tell her that he loves femdom if he won't pay another $6000 at the end of this week. What will happen? We shall see... I think he wants to be exposed, but he is just to shy to tell his girlfriends about his fetishes, so if he want me to write email to her he should pay at least L$12 000. Otherwise $6000 for not sending it! Are you following me? LOL

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