Monday, October 14, 2013

Long time slavery -- special offer!

I have been asked for this a lot and finally I manage to find some time to officially announce this!
For limited time only and for limited number of slaves I offer long time slavery with femdom training/sessions.


The offer include long term lock up in the cell and femdom session training which will be conducted when you are online. spanking/canning/whipping, facesitting/ass kissing,boot licking, ,strap on sex, golden shower,  sissy training, dog training, basically anything goes! We can discuss your limits and likes before I lock you up! 

3 days slavery, lock up and femdom session/training - L$29 999

maximum number of slaves who can apply: TWO  update: SOLD OUT

1 week slavery, lock up and femdom session/training - L$49 999

maximum number of slaves who can apply: TWO  update: ONE position left

Limited number of slaves & how to book a session:

All training is one-to-one. It means it will be only you and me, so I want to make sure I can focus on your training entirely. That's why the number of people who can apply is LIMITED. Only two people can buy 3 day slavery offer and two people can buy 1 week offer! 

You need to hurry up if you want to book long term session. 
You need to send email to
which includes: your avatar name in Second Life, the offer you choose (3 day or 1 week).
Then I will contact you in Second Life.

UPDATE: Almost sold out! Only one person can buy 1 week slavery! Send email to to apply!

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