Monday, May 23, 2011

Obsessively worshipped!

Since my last post I recieve tributes from 34 slaves/money slaves/worshippers/sissies! Isn't that great?
Now... many of you beg me to post new pictures. I have taken a few, but in order to see them you will need to tribute! Let's see how many of you REALLY want to see new gallery of pics to worship! 
I know you can't resist. So here is a small assignment for you. 

1. Stare at my photo below till you feel the urge to contact me
2. Login to Second Life. Find my name: "Anabella Spark" and send IM with the following statement:
"I am a pathetic jerk off loser who is staring at your pics every day and dreams about sucking your heels. I'm sending you this tribute to prove that I am a serious slave"
3. Then click pay button and send your linden dollars. More you send - more chance you get response from me. Remember even if I am offline you still do it. I will real it when I get back online.

Now get to work...

1 comment:

starkeanthony said...

I did this yesterday and it was awesome. I love your blog and I love you goddess Anabella.