Saturday, January 31, 2009

You suffer because I am perfect

 This is what happens when you see $1 million lindens on my account. You get so excited and beg for even more financial abuse. What makes you so weak? The answer to this question is very simple - ME! Just when I stand on the same sim you can't imagine yourself in any other position than being a total loser for me. Do you want example? Sure... Here it goes
I'm shopping at some very expensive store (I don't visit places where you go shopping loser, because there have too many freebie items haha) and there is some cute guy who stares at me, and follows everywhere I go. It really makes me angry to see a troll behind my back, the first thing you want to do is to click a MUTE button. But it turned out that he has been in SL for a very long time and he is a big fan of me, but was always to shy to visit my temple. Haha...alright.. I don't really fall on shit like that but hey... I wanted to go shopping, and I knew there is a new vitcim right at my feet. First he send L$5000, but I wasn't satisfied, so he had to transfer L$30 000 from his credit card... that was soooo sweet. He deserved to be added to my cute loser list!

* * * click on the pictures to enlarge * * *
So you can see the result of my shopping trip. Remember to drop on your knees when admiring my pictures:) Yesterday I had a long session with slave N. he paid 5000 and then 1000 for permission to cum in rl on his hand *giggles.. hahaha what a loser!  The most funny part was when I told him to eat everything LOL
* * *
There is more losers coming... PayPig T. is back, he paid 30 000 when I was offline and disapeared. Basically that's what I really love - there is nothing better than receiving tributes when you are offline! Very good work paypig! At least I didnt have to look at your ugly face, you fat ass bitchboy:)
* * *
I raped some noob a few days ago... erhm... actually I raped his wallet... around 25 000 paid in 500 , 1000 tributes! It took some time but his account is empty now:) I even got his rl naked picture. I wonder what should I do with it...

Perfect, isn't it? Now log in to SL and send your last $$$


Anonymous said...

You like to judge, but let us see how you look in real life... don't use a fake picture. I bet your really ugly, and fat in real life.

Anabella Spark said...

hey Anonymous... my real pic is no secret..come to SL and I will show you. But first... let everyone know what is your sl name and don't post under anonymous

Anonymous said...

Do you voice Mistress?