Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sissy Maid Trance

Welcome all slaves! Finally the remaining 4 parts of Sissy Maid Trance was successfully finished and released to the HypnoMist stores around Second Life! Now everyone who watched part 1 not so long time ago...alright it was looong time ago, but I'm sure you still remember that intense trance and crave for more. If you did not watch the first part , of course you can still buy it at HypnoMist store. So all 5 parts are now ready and waiting for all you sissy sluts and slaves. Remember, that you can buy the trances at HypnoMist main store, all you need to do is type HypnoMist in the search engine in second life and teleport to that sexy location! :)


I have been very busy with all you slaves crawling at my feet, so I didnt even have time to update my blog on regular basis, but I promise that this will change:) A few weeks ago I added a new room to the Platinum Escort Club rooms. The new room is called a classroom and it is nothing more like just a fetish classroom with a lot of interesting devices and sex bed. It is worth to see and visit that room with your Mistress. Hope some of you will set up an appointment with me in the near future specifically requesting a session in this room. I will be glad to grab your leash and take you there...

Since I know you all missed my pictures, then you can click to enlarge each of them and stare for hours as some of you do, then come to my temple and pay a tribute of some green ca$$$h...

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